Parent Testimonials

We are humbled by the gift God has blessed us with being able to send our boys to a Catholic school.  Here is a short list of reasons we are grateful to send our children to St. Anne’s:

  • Each day they see the crucifix in their classroom reminding them of Christ’s amazing sacrifice for us.
  • They can freely learn, praise, worship and talk about God and say the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • The teachers are incredibly in tune with each child’s needs and more than willing to go the extra mile to help each child succeed. This has been proven by allowing children to stay after school for academic help at all grade levels. Their commitment is amazing!
  • The solid discipline and expectations that helps prepare the children for adult life.
  • A wonderful Kids for Kindness Committee that promotes kindness, character, and acceptance of all personality types.
  • Fabulous parents who support each other and give so much to this school to make it a wonderful, loving, family-like atmosphere!

The McGurran Family


St. Anne's Catholic School goes beyond academic education extending into growing of Faith, Service to our communities and families, and Respect for others and for life.  It is a school that the children not only learn about God, but learn with God.  The welcoming and caring atmosphere is what initially attracted our family to St. Anne's School.

We honestly never intended to continue through all the grades St. Anne School has to offer.  When the children were young, it seemed the right step in their education, starting at St. Anne's, and the plan was to transfer to the public school at some point after 4th/5th grade.  Now it is our children who ask to stay at St. Anne School and although they know they will transfer to another school at some point, our children cherish the time now and feel lucky to be able to learn at St. Anne School. 

Our children love the sports at St. Anne School.  The focus isn't about winning but rather personal development, teamwork, and playing a good game.  Our children recognize this differentiation from the public school sports team.  They appreciate the less intense focus on the game and enjoy learning how to play the game from the St. Anne School coaches and simply the opportunity to play the game with their friends. 

The Newhouse Family

Having been a teacher at St. Anne’s for quite some time myself, it seems like it would have been an obvious choice to send our child to this school…but it wasn’t.  My husband is a teacher in the public high school in our district, and we are strong supporters of public school teachers and all that they do to provide the best they can for their students.  However, we also know – firsthand – that many of those teachers are fighting an uphill battle and working within a broken system: a system that has class sizes maxed out, test scores emphasized, and resources spread thin.  We went back and forth for months over whether or not our oldest would attend St. Anne’s or our public school.  Ultimately, it was my husband that made the call: St. Anne’s for our child.  The class sizes are small, he gets focused attention from his teacher, and we know he hears about the word of God and celebrates his faith in a way that would not be possible elsewhere. Our daughter has also now started her education at St. Anne’s…and we plan on sending our third child here, too, when the time comes.   I LOVE that we truly have a “village” helping to raise and educate my children – not just in academics, but in his faith journey, too.

But perhaps a recent conversation with my son could help illuminate the biggest reason I love it here.  I asked him one evening who he played with that day at recess.  “My friends, Mama.” I asked him which friends.  He looked at me like I was crazy, and spelled it out for me: “My whole class.  We’re all friends.  Don’t you know that, Mama?” Every kid deserves to know that we’re all in this together – that we’re all friends.  Cheers to St. Anne’s for creating a safe, loving place for my children!   

The Hanson Family



I will never forget our first contact with someone from St. Anne School.  We were very nervous about going anywhere with 6 week premature twins and the doctors pretty much told us to keep them home for awhile, so I think they were approximately 6 weeks old before we were brave enough to venture out to church.  After getting through what was going to be one of many stressful masses, as it is with children of any age, we were approached by the Principal of St. Anne’s.  Although we didn't know her well at all, she took it upon herself to come and congratulate us, check out the babies and have a quick conversation.  During that conversation she asked, "Would you like me to put them on the waiting list at St. Anne's?"  I wasn't sure if I heard her correctly.  What?  We just tackled an hour of mass and she was asking about their first day of school?  I was surprised but thought, WOW!  There must be something special about this school to need a waiting list - and they did!  We put them on the list, had several discussions about it and decided to send them to St. Anne’s, even though I grew up in Somerset and both Tim and I attended public school.  We have been pleased with our decision!

Another pivotal moment in our families decision to attend St. Anne’s came when Kaitlyn and Jackson were entering 7th grade.  We gave them both a choice to stay at St. Anne’s or transition to the public school as a 7th grader.  Neither one of them was interested at all in transferring.  I realize that change is difficult and scary, however they both have a good friend base at the public school as well as St. Anne’s, which would have helped with the anxiety.  They were looking forward to hanging out with new kids, etc., however not enough to change schools!

The Struemke Family