Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


What is the average class size at St. Anne’s School? I think a small class is good for my child, but I’m worried she/he won’t have enough friends.

Our average class size is 14 students, though we have a class as small as 7 and a class as large as 16.  Our current class size policy limits the number of students in each grade to 14 in 4K and 16 K-8.

Our Pre-Kinder program admits up to 14 students (depending on an available aide).  Our older students are “spirit partners” with younger students for special activities throughout the year.  These relationships help to create what is most often mentioned as St. Anne’s strongest quality–a strong sense of family and community.


How academically challenging is St. Anne's?  

St. Anne's has a reputation for academic excellence.  Most of our students test "above average" on nationally standardized tests.  We believe that this is due to the fact that our students have developed a strong work ethic.

 A strong work ethic is a virtue that is directly taught and modeled by both the students' families and the staff at St. Anne's.  From the pre-K through 8th grade, students are expected to take their studies seriously.  They listen during instruction and try their best when working on assignments.  Through their hard work, they achieve academic success.

 This does not mean that St. Anne's is a stuffy, overly serious environment.  In fact, it is the exact opposite.  Since the vast majority of our students are committed to working hard, there are minimal interruptions due to inappropriate behaviors.  Therefore, there is time for an extra recess period during the day for the elementary students; time for a class play at the end of the school year; time for activities with their Spirit partners; and time for other fun activities.  


How will my child fit in if he/she is gifted, average or struggling academically?

As stated above, St. Anne's has a reputation for academic excellence.  The majority of our students are average students who work hard and who benefit from small class sizes and the calm, respectful school environment.  If your student currently falls within the "average" range academically, they will likely do very well at St. Anne's.  A student who transfers into St. Anne's may need some assistance/support/coaching in the beginning and the teachers are more than happy to help with the adjustment.

Students who are gifted academically often greatly enjoy studying at St. Anne's, as it is "cool" to be smart at St. Anne's.  The small class sizes allow elementary teachers to easily provide enrichment opportunities as needed and many of the students truly enjoy the challenge.  At the middle school level, Algebra 1 and geometry are offered to students who have mastered the middle school math standards.  Open-ended assignments in the language arts, social studies and science classes provide additional challenges for all students.

Students who struggle with academics also benefit greatly from the small class sizes and the supportive learning environment.  Teachers are able to easily modify assignments and provide additional instruction as needed. We do need to note that St. Anne's does not have a special education teacher on staff.  Students who attend private schools are eligible to receive special education services from the public school, though the support provided can be significantly different than what is available to public school students. 


What sports, art, music, and world language activities are offered at St. Anne’s?

We have a Physical Education Specialist who teaches all students Pre-Kindergarten – 8th.

Our older students participate in the Catholic Athletic Association (Twin Cities) for volleyball, cross-country, basketball and baseball.  Our students also participate in Somerset’s many community coordinated athletic programs for all age levels: soccer, basketball, wrestling, football, hockey, and baseball.

Our students (K-8) have art and music with a licensed teacher on a weekly basis.

We also facilitate a computer-based Spanish instruction program for the elementary grades.  Our middle school students may choose to learn four different languages via Transparent Languages Online.

Hill-Murray High School provides optional instrument and band instruction for students grades 4-8 right here at St. Anne School!



We’re not Catholic.  How much time is spent teaching the Catholic religion?  

Please know that families of all faiths are welcome at St. Anne's!  The explanation that follows will attempt to answer this question in a concise manner, but if you have any additional questions and/or would like more explanation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Spiritual instruction and development permeates the entire school program.  Starting in pre-k, all students learn how much God loves them.  They also learn that our response to that love is to do our best and to help others.  

Explicit instruction takes place four days a week in the classroom with the “Blessed Are We” curriculum.  Each Wednesday, the school celebrates the Mass with the St. Anne community.  We also pray the Rosary twice a year and the middle school students attend Adoration monthly.

Thus, your child will learn about Jesus’ life and sacrifice; traditional Catholic prayers (including the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be); the seven sacraments; the history of the Catholic church; the lives of the Saints; and strategies for strengthening their relationship with God.   They will become familiar with rituals such as making the sign of the cross at the beginning and end of prayers and genuflecting before entering the pew in church.  

Mass is led each week by one of the classes.  All students (both Catholic and non-Catholic) have the opportunity to participate as readers, cantors (leading the singing), and greeters.  While non-Catholics are not eligible to receive the sacrament of the Eucharist (communion) or reconciliation (confession), they are invited to receive a blessing at those times.

St. Anne's currently has a number of families who do not identify as Catholic and they have kindly agreed to talk with any prospective family who is interested in learning more about their experience. If you would like to hear their story and/or ask them any questions, please contact the school office at 715-247-3762 and we will put you in touch with them.


What about bus transportation?

Students living in the Somerset School District are bused with Somerset students on district provided buses.  St. Anne students are bused directly to our school.


Are there networking options for car-pooling?

Each family receives a Directory listing phone numbers, address, and e-mails of all families of St. Anne School students.  Otherwise, check with the school office for information on families who may be interested in car pooling.


Is before and after school care available?

Yes, St. Anne School offers care both before school beginning at 7:00, after the 4K/PK program, and after the school day for Kindergarten and above.


How can / should parents be involved in the classroom?

We welcome volunteers and there are many ways to become involved! Please check with your child’s teacher regarding the specific ways you might assist both in and outside the classroom.  Tasks vary from working with students individually or in small groups, taking down displays, preparing spelling lists, organizing educational materials and gathering resources.


Are there academic requirements for admission to St. Anne’s Catholic School?

For admission to our 4 year old Pre-Kinder and 5 year old Kindergarten program, a child must be 4 for PK or 5 for Kindergarten as of September 1 of that school year. If observations and interactions with your child indicate concerns about his/her readiness for Pre-Kinder or Kindergarten, we’ll discuss those concerns with you.

When a student transfers to St. Anne’s from another school (at any grade level), we may review records, talk with former teachers, and request an interview with the child to be sure we’re prepared to maximize his/her strengths and respond appropriately to areas of struggle.  Again, if there is concern about the appropriateness of the grade for which you’ve registered your child, we will discuss those concerns with you.


Does St. Anne offer a hot lunch program?

St. Anne School provides a food service program.  All students are encouraged to take hot lunch.  Free and reduced price lunches are available to households that qualify.  Menus are distributed once a month in our family folders.  Cold lunch guidelines-no pop; avoid fast/convenience foods; milk; choose nutritious foods.


I may not have time to volunteer?  Are there other ways to support the school?

The cost of educating a child at St. Anne School is approximately $7,000, but varies with the number of students we have.  Much of the difference between the actual cost and charged tuition is contributed by the parish, alumni, donations, gifts and investment income.  The remaining amount is generated through a few fundraisers such as SCRIP, Marathon, GALA, and our Appeal Program.

There are several ways parents, grandparents, alum, parishioners and others can support out school.  The major fundraisers everyone can participate in are the Fall Marathon, the Spring GALA, and the SCRIP program that is year round.  Please check with the school office or Principal for more information on these programs.