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Welcome to St. Anne Catholic School Home & School - Our Mission!

Home and School is here to enhance your school experience by fostering a community for students, families, and faculty. Home and School sponsors several events throughout the year that bring us together as a school community. You are what make this school special and we can put on these events because of your participation.  Home and School is not a fundraising group.

Committee members:

Ann Austreng and Stephanie  Co-Chairs

Danielle Bullock, Chanelle Kurtz, Danielle Plocher and Ann Seagren

Meeting Minutes (Jan. 9, 2020); Meeting Minutes (Nov. 14, 2019);  Meeting Minutes (Sept. 9, 2019); Home and School minutes (Sept. 17, 2020)

Home & School Calendar 2020-2021

September 8th Back to School Coffee/Breakfast

September 17th H&S Meeting at 6:30 in Religion Room

October ­­­22nd Conference meal

November 5th Warm Hands, Warm Hearts

November 12th H&S Meeting at 6:30 in Religion Room

December 5th-6th Christmas Boutique

January 14th H&S Meeting at 6:30 in Religion Room

January 29th or 31st CSW Kickoff event (January Friday night or Sunday afternoon before CSW)

February 18th Conference meal

March 11th H&S Meeting at 6:30 in Religion Room

May 3rd-7th Teacher Appreciation Week

May 13th H&S Meeting at 6:30 in Religion Room

June 4th End of School Celebration

June 5th Pea Soup Days Parade

Home & School Family Mentoring 


 Please Join Us as Volunteers: 

All families are asked to put in TEN HOURS of volunteer time for school events.  Volunteer events strengthen our school community, allow families to get to know one another, and set an example of service for our children. Without the involvement of all our school families, we will not be able to continue the events that make St. Anne’s such a special place. Thank you for taking a moment to show your support for our school by volunteering! 

Portal for Online Volunteer & Sign-Up System:  http://stas.onvolunteers.com

(Please remember that school volunteers who have contact with children need to complete a background check and BASE/Safe Environment training through the Diocese of Superior.  Contact the school office if you need more information on this.  Thank you.)